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So What Is Kickball?

You may remember it as “soccer-baseball,” that game you played in P.E. class in elementary school that’s like baseball, only you kick a soccer-sized ball instead of swinging a bat. It’s a simple game that doesn’t require much in the way of athleticism or skills, so we don’t want to hear that old “I’m not good at sports” excuse. The point of BLK is not to achieve sporting greatness, but to meet new people, have some fun, and share a few drinks afterwards.

Wanna play kickball?

Big League Kickball brings a fresh new twist to the adult recreational sports scene. Kickball. Yes, just like you played in the 5th grade! This great playground pastime is now back for adults 18 and older to enjoy.

BLK encourages rivalries, cheering, and general fun, but if you are an individual looking for an extremely competitive sport, our leagues may not be for you. Remember, it’s just kickball. You can’t really get that worked up or mad about anything…it’s just kickball.

BLK will be continuing to give everyone the greatest kickball and social experience.

Why Play in Big League Kickball?

4000 players can’t be wrong –  BLK had over 4000 players and over 100 teams in their league last year.  BLK is always expanding and working extremely hard to keep improving their leagues while keeping fees low for their players.   Over the years we have had a lot of fantastic parties and at least 20 engagements.  In case you did not know, BLK is about meeting people in a co-ed environment.  Many relationships have started and continue to flourish in BLK each year.  Some say it is a great alternative to Internet dating. This year BLK will be even bigger and better.

Signing up

In BLK there are several ways to sign up.  You can sign up as a full team, a company team, a group of friends who would like to be placed on a team, or as an individual free agent who would like to be placed on a team.  This is a sport that everyone can play.  You need no special skills to participate.

What does your registration fee cover? 8 great weeks of kickball, field permits, insurances, daily operations, team shirts, field equipment, bar specials, parties and lots more.


Big League Sports and Entertainment has raised over $50,000 in 2013-2018 for various charities.  It is our goal to raise even more money for charity in the future.

What other sports does Big League Sports and Entertainment offer?

Dodgeball, Volleyball, Touch Football, Indoor Soccer, Bocce, and Basketball. Go to for full info.


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